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– VIP Logistics Systems –


Our Freight Advisors are always there for you. Equipped with extensive training, experience, and access to the most comprehensive data analytics software in the industry, our advisors find trends in the market before they happen. This keeps our clients one step ahead when it comes to moving their freight.

–  TruQuote™-

Our TruQuote™ method of pricing analyzes thousands of data points of historical rates and truck capacity statistics across shipping lanes and markets, finds the trend, and provides the most accurate market price for any shipment. This ensures our clients receive a truck. Every time.

–  RateCap™-

Our alternative to set rates, our RateCap™ pricing program provides you peace of mind of set rates, while optimizing real-time capacity. We provide a cap rate for 30-days on a specific shipping lane. If rates increase, your rate stays the same. If rates go down, so does yours.

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“Our team wanted to bring something different to the table as a freight brokerage company. Client reaction and feedback to our programs prove we’ve done just that.”

– Brad Bertke, CEO, VIP Logistics Systems